Hi there. I’m John Laing, a Canadian living in Shizuoka City, Japan.

This page was updated on Saturday, May 13th, 2023.

I am a semi-retired English professor.

During the amazing and life-changing Write of Passage course, I worked on some writing. My efforts from an earlier cohort are archived on my Ghost website here. More recent writings appear on my Substack on Indigo Ink. I learn stuff to try to think better.

I want to take notes of my ideas in a way that allows my future self to come across them again so they can find their way safely home to where they started.

I am taking notes with a pen and paper using a Bullet Journal , and trying to fuse paper notes with digital writing. I am a lifetime member of Nick Milo’s awesome Linking Your Thinking course (usually referred to as “LYT,” and pronounced “light”), a lifetime member of Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain, which combines note-taking with strategies to organize and publish ideas, and a lifetime member of David Perell’s Write of Passage course.

This (what you are looking at right now) is a page in Notion (a note-taking application) that is converted to a web page using Super. It allows me to rapidly update this page with new stuff, whether anyone actually wants me to or not.